Abusers living in the same household


Information that an abuser may be living in the same household as a child should be referred to the Social Work Service and the Police immediately in order that the risk to the child may be assessed.   A child protection case conference should be considered if initial assessment suggests continued risks to the child.


Information on the identity and circumstances of the abuser should be passed to the Public Protection Unit / Social Work for the collation of information and any necessary action.  This necessary action may include placing an individual’s name on the ‘Risk to Persons’ list, contacting Care Inspectorate previously the Care Commission and / or the Scottish Social Services Council(SSSC), if appropriate.


This applies when an adult is known to have been convicted of an offence listed in Schedule 1 of the Criminal Procedure (Scotland) Act 1995 and Schedule 1 of the Sex Offences Act 2003, or when grounds of referral concerning the adult have been established for a Children's Hearing.  Action should also be considered when agencies have information that suggests an adult in a house with children and young people, or who has substantial contact with children and young people, might have been involved in past abusive behaviour.

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