Child's Plan



The Children and Young People (Scotland) Act 2014 places the Child’s Plan on a statutory basis and a Child’s Plan must be instigated in all cases where a targeted intervention is required to address a wellbeing need for a child between the ages of 0 and 18yrs, including where a child is at risk of significant harm and is on the child protection register. 


When a conference decides to place a child's name on the Child Protection Register, a plan must be agreed by the conference to reduce the risk to the child and provide support to the child and family.


Clarity and detail must be provided relating to the roles and responsibilities of the various people involved in the plan, including agency staff and family members. 


There may be circumstances (e.g. where the child is looked after ) where a Child’s Plan including an element of protection is created for the child and family, but where the child's name is not placed on the register.


When a child’s name is on the Child Protection Register the Lead Professional  will generally be a social worker who will coordinate the agreed actions within the Child’s Plan.


For further information on the Child Wellbeing Pathway please visit the GIRFEC website.



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