Child Protection Register

Child Proteciton Register

Child Proteciton Register


The Fife Child Protection Register is a list of children that is maintained by the custodian of the register to highlight those children who have been assessed by a multi-agency group at a Child Protection Case Conference of being at significant risk. 


The register has no legal status but provides an administrative system for alerting practitioners that there is significant professional concern relating to that child. 


A record of the key areas of risk to the child is recorded on an electronic data base within one working day of the conference at which this decision was taken. 


Access to the Child Protection Register during normal working hours can be obtained by contacting the Keeper of the Register or the Social Work Contact Centre.  Authorised individuals in Social Work, Education, NHS, Police and the Voluntary Sector have direct electronic access to the Child Protection Register on a 24/7 basis.  Out with normal working hours contact can also be made with the Social Work Out of Hours Service on Tel: 03451 550099.All requests to the Register will be recorded.  The caller's name will be taken together with the agency, date, reason for the request and the name of the child. 

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