Transition Planning


The move from child to adult services, and childhood to adulthood, requires careful consideration to ensure that the potential for risk does not arise.  Young people going through transition require a collective approach by all agencies to responsibly manage their transition effectively.


The Named Person or Lead Professional (as appropriate) for the child must ensure a careful and planned transfer of responsibility in situations where another service becomes the lead agency.


Because there is a legislative overlap between child and adult protection assessment and planning processes these may need to be aligned.  Some investigations or assessments may be best undertaken jointly, for example when child and adult protection issues are identified within the same family.  The aim should be to maximise the safety and welfare of children and at-risk adults while minimising the impact of the investigation on those involved. 


Further information is contained in the Fife Inter-agency Adult Support  and Protection Guidance.  Further Adult Protection info can be found on the web page for adult support and protection.


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