The following e-learning courses are available for free:


  • Protecting Children in Scotland
  • Human Trafficking
  • SafetyNet
  • Gender Based Violence
  • Neglect (linked to parental substance misuse)

Please see below for further information.


In addition, CELCIS have a range of topics with self-study resources which may be of interest in relation to work with Looked After Children.  Click here to access the range of Units.


Target Group

For all staff in the public, private and voluntary sectors, including those who have direct, indirect and/or occasional working contact with children, young people and families.  It is also relevant to those working in adult services where there is a likelihood that their client base interacts with children.


Why use E-learning?

More learner control - E-learning is available on demand, the learner is in control of the pace, and sections can be revisited whenever learners need to refresh, or the learning suddenly becomes relevant.


Freedom to go wrong—privately - E-learning is a private experience, enabling learner to explore mistakes and learn from them, without any fear of what others think. More willingness to explore, make mistakes and learn from them means a better and more applicable learning experience.


Better approximation of reality - E-learning is not the same as learning by doing the job. But well-designed e-learning can get a lot closer to approximating reality than classroom sessions do. Closer to reality means better connections and higher potential to apply learning on the job.


Higher consistency - E-learning delivers the same core points to everyone, and well-designed assessments and formative questions can check for understanding. The more consistent the learning experience, the lower the risk of introducing errors on the job.



What is the Child Protection E-learning Module?


The Protecting Children in Scotland E-learning module aims to help those who either work, or come into contact, with children, young people or their parents or carers.  It aims to increase awareness and understanding of what protecting children means and how you can make a positive contribution towards keeping children and young people safe.  This module will take approximately 1 hour to complete.


Course Content

• Introduction to child abuse and neglect

• The history and background to child protection in Scotland

• Legislation and guidance

• The principles of child protection

• Becoming involved in child protection

• Categories, signs and symptoms of abuse

• Recognising different types of child abuse and neglect

• Children’s needs

• Good practice in protecting children from abuse and neglect

• How to respond when you still have concerns

• An introduction and overview of Getting it Right for Every Child

• Your responsibilities

• Recording your concerns

• What happens once you have made a referral.


Having completed this course you will able to:

• Recognise some of the signs and symptoms of child abuse,

• Respond to concerns that a child may be at risk of harm

• Record information relating to children who may be at risk of harm



How To Access the Child Protection E-learning Module


Do you work for Fife Council?

  • Visit FISH (Fife Council intranet)
  • Go to ‘Quick Links’ at bottom of FISH Homepage
  • Go to the ‘Employee’ section and click on ‘E-learning’
  • Click ‘Login to the courses’. Your ‘User ID’ is the first 6digits of your payroll. The password is ‘fife’. (You will be asked to change your password later). If you already have a password then please enter it.
  • Click on ‘Health & Social Care’ block
  • Click on ‘ Protecting Children In Scotland E-learning’
  • Click on ‘Enrol me’
  • Select either the ‘audio’ or ‘non-audio’ version of ‘ Protecting Children In Scotland E-learning’


NOTE: You will be able to ‘bookmark’ your place on the course and return at a later date, if you are unable to complete the course in one session.


Do you work for NHS Fife?

  • Visit the home page on NHS Fife intranet

  • Go to Quick Links (top left of home page)

  • Go to ‘Business Systems’

  • Choose ‘Learnpro’

  • Click on ‘CPD’

  • Scroll down to ‘Fife: Protecting Children in Scotland’

  • Choose either the audio or non-audio programme


Are you working in the Voluntary or Private Sector? Do you work for Fife Constabulary?  Are you a member of the public?

  • Visit:  http://socialwork.fife.gov.uk/

  • Click on ‘Multi-Agency Resources’

  • Select ‘Protecting Children in Scotland E-learning’

  • Click on the ‘Protecting Children in Scotland’ icon

  • Select either the ‘audio’ or ‘non-audio’ version


A full guide is available, including how to keep a record of the completion of this course: Guide to E-learning for non Fife Council Staff (opens in new window). 

NOTE: You do not need to log in. You will have ‘guest access’. You must however, complete the course in one session, as you will be unable to bookmark your place and return at a later date.


If you have a query regarding access to the module please contact the Child Protection Support Team on 01592 583251


Human Trafficking Awareness

Open to all agencies with workforce groupings/individuals who require an awareness of:

  • The issues that lead to children and/or adults becoming involved in human trafficking, and
  • Some of the mechanisms in place to support children and/or adults affected by human trafficking.

A guide to accessing the module is available at the link below.


SafetyNet E-learning

This SafetyNet E-learning module is aimed at practitioners working with children and young people.  The short e-learning module was created by members of Fife’s Internet Safety Group in conjunction with Digital Fife. 


The aim of this e-learning module is to improve basic awareness of internet safety, giving staff the confidence to discuss internet safety issues with young people and families.


To access the e-learning click on the link SafetyNet E-learning or type http://safetynet.digitalfife.com/Index.asp?ID=441into your internet browser.


NB: If you wish to make full use of this resource and view the film clips you need to be able to have sound and access to YouTube.  If you are a Fife Council employee this would need to be accessed through Google Chrome.

You can download Google Chrome by clicking here

Registration is quick and easy and the module should take approximately an hour to complete.

Please print your certificate on completion as evidence of completing this successfully.


Gender Based Violence E-Learning

Gender based violence includes domestic abuse, sexual violence, childhood sexual abuse, harmful traditional practices, stalking and harassment and commercial sexual exploitation.   

Click here to access the course through the Social Work Portal.


Neglect (Related to Parental Substance Misuse)

This course is actually an American course (Alaska).  However, where you live does not change the impact of neglect on a child.  Lessons 1 and 2 are, therefore, still relevant to anyone working with children or young people who have experienced neglect due to parental substance misuse.  Lesson 3 is specific to Alaskan Foster Carers. 

Click here to access the course.



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