Parents, carers and families

Learn about safe parenting

Learn about safe parenting

We believe that child protection is everyone's job and that all children and young people in Fife have the right to be cared for, protected from harm and able to grow up in a safe environment where their rights and needs are respected.  We all have a part to play to making sure that our children's welfare is looked after and all their needs are met.


Your job as a parent is one of the most difficult there is – it can be both challenging and rewarding. It is a job where very little training is given to prepare you for what lies ahead.  As we all know, kids don't come with an instruction manual, so chances are you're looking for practical help with some common parenting problems.


Every family experiences difficulty from time to time and it can test the best of parents. When things go wrong it doesn't mean you have failed as a parent – things go wrong for everyone. There is no such thing as the perfect parent.  On the following pages you will find information and advice on:





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