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Image of Fife Child Protection Guidelines

Image of Fife Child Protection Guidelines


All children and young people have the right to be cared for and protected from harm and to grow up in a safe environment in which their rights and needs are respected.  Children and young people should get the help they need when they need it and their welfare is always paramount.


Here in Fife we support the ethos that “child protection is everyone’s job and everyone’s responsibility”.  We consider this to be a shared responsibility for all practitioners and managers across the public, private and voluntary sectors.


There are also circumstances where, although abuse has taken place, formal child protection procedures are not required.  For example, the child’s family may take protective action by removing the child from the source of risk.  Children who are abused by strangers would not necessarily require Child Protection planning unless the abuse occurred in circumstances resulting from a failure in familial responsibility. 


If you are concerned that a child or young person may have been harmed or may be at risk of harm, it is essential that you share your concerns. 


All cases of suspected or alleged child abuse should be notified to the Social Work Service (Tel No 03451 551503 or Emergency Out of Hours on 03451 550099) unless the child is in immediate danger then call the Police.


If you consider a child(ren) or young person to be in IMMEDIATE  danger, DO NOT wait, call Fife Police 999 or Tel: 101


The Child Concern Notification Form  for use by all agencies in Fife has been developed for the purpose of recording details of concerns.  The form should be completed wherever possible and submitted in accordance with the accompanying guidance.


If you have any suspicion whatsoever that a child is in ‘immediate danger’ and you tick the ‘yes’ box on the  Child Concern Notification Form then you should not pause to complete this form.  You should immediately contact the police advising them of your concern, in order that urgent action can be taken to assess and address your immediate concern. The form can be completed later and sent to Social Work Services Contact Centre at


To further support practitioners in respect of the early identification of both needs and risks, and where necessary, early intervention through a Getting It Right approach the Child Wellbeing Pathway has been developed.  


This Pathway is set firmly within the context of GIRFEC and SHANARRI to assist broader assessments relating to the needs, risks and strengths pertaining to a child. This Pathway therefore supports early identification of concerns and may, as one potential outcome, lead to child protection issues being identified.  Follow this link for access to the Child Wellbeing Pathway   guidance and associated documents


The principles, enshrined in legislation and practice in child protection, are derived from Articles of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, ratified by the UK Government and endorsed by the Scottish Government.  These principles also informthe Children’s Charter, theFramework for Standards and GIRFEC.


The aim of child protection services in Fife in terms of equality are that age, ethnic origin, religion, disability or sexual orientation of any child will not affect their right to be protected and experience a high quality service. The best interests of the child must always be paramount.


Fife CPC has produced Inter Agency Child Protection Guidance to inform and support practitioners from all agencies in Fife who may as part of their normal jobs or who may in the course of their duties identify children at risk.  Information within this guidance will help staff recognise and respond appropriately to ensure children receive the right support.  This guidance provides a clear framework for action for all those who are or may be involved with the protection of children and young people and promotes inter-agency practice to protect children and young people.  


The Custodian of the Child Protection Register in Fife is Steve Hopton, Service Manager, Social Work Service who can be contacted at



 You can access the inter agency child protection guidance 2016 at the link below.







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