Fife's Performance

Fife’s Performance 


Managing our performance and reporting our results is a necessary and important requirement. By telling our customers and stakeholders about our performance and progress and what they can expect in the future demonstrates our ability to be transparent and accountable. It also demonstrates our commitment to seeking continuous improvement.


We measure whether we are meeting our priorities by using performance indicators.  Fife Council has a set of statutory performance indicators (SPIs) that we report on regularly.  This allows us – and you – to see if we are meeting our targets and whether our performance has improved over time.


Some of our SPIs are national performance indicators. Other Councils across Scotland also report on these same indicators. The Local Government Benchmarking Framework contains performance information from all Councils across Scotland. You can use the framework to compare our performance against that of other Councils and see how we are doing compared to the Scottish average.


In 2017, Fife Council and its Partners developed the Plan for Fife .  This is the first time we have had ‘one plan’ with a shared vision.  For the next ten years, the Plan demonstrates our commitment to working together in ways that adds most value to Fife’s communities. You can find more information on our Plan for Fife page.


We publish our performance in a variety of ways:


  • Our Outcome Theme Reports (see publications list below) are published annually and tracks prgoress made in relation to the Plan for Fife.
  • Our annual public performance report describes the progress being made by the Fife Council in terms of its key performance areas and contributes to the delivery of the Plan for Fife.
  • We are also required to report details of our performance every year across a range of Statutory Performance Indicators which are monitored by Audit Scotland.
  • As part of the Local Government Benchmarking Framework (LGBF) we report against a set of indicators which allows all 32 Scottish Councils to assess and compare performance from a range of public Services.  To learn more about the Local Government Benchmarking Framework visit the Improvement Service website. You can also view information for each Council by selecting the following link.


Other key performance reports we publish include:




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