Chief Executive

Steve Grimmond, Chief Executive

Steve Grimmond
Chief Executive

Fife House,
North Street,

The Chief Executive, Steve Grimmond, is the most senior paid position in the Council, leading a staff of 22,000. He has ultimate responsibility for the Council delivering over 500 key services to the people of Fife and managing our annual revenue and capital budget of over £1 billion.

The education of our children, looking after our environment, creating jobs, providing housing, keeping communities safe, supporting Fife’s vulnerable residents and providing sport and leisure opportunities – these and all other council services contribute to us enjoying a better quality of life. And it’s the Chief Executive’s job to continually improve how these services are provided within the budget approved by the Council.  The Chief Executive is also the Council’s lead officer in the event of any major emergency.

Key facts about the Council's top job:

  • Salary
    The salary for the Chief Executive post is currently £149,098. All Scottish Chief Executives in local government have salaries set nationally through COSLA.
  • Performance review
    All employees, including the Chief Executive go through regular performance reviews. For the Chief Executive these meetings are with the Council Leader and Depute Leader.  Steve Grimmond also chooses to share his own improvement objectives with his management team of five Executive Directors.
  • Expenses
    The Chief Executive is able to reclaim some business related expenses. This includes for example out of pocket expenses for travelling to and from meetings to represent the Council’s interests.
  • Restrictions
    By law the Chief Executive and all senior Council employees cannot take part in any party political activity. Their job means that they have to advise councillors objectively and professionally no matter what political party a councillor belongs to.
  • Annual Leave
    The Chief Executive receives  27 days per annum. As with all employees, there are also twelve public holidays, eight of these are designated by the Council and four are flexible.
  • Pension
    As with all Council employees, the Chief Executive has the opportunity to be a member of the Local Government Pension Scheme. This is a contributory scheme which means that employees contribute between 5.5% to 10.8% of their salary and the Council contributes 17.6%. The Council contributes the same percentage amount for all employees regardless of their role.



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