Petitions are one way that residents of Fife can let Fife Council know their concerns.

The petition must be relevant to a matter over which the Council has authority or provides a service.

In terms of the Fife Council Petitions Procedure, petitions submitted to the Council must include a short statement covering the subject of the petition and state what action the petitioners wish the Council to take.  The petition should be submitted by one person (the Lead Petitioner) and be signed by a further 20 or more residents of Fife.

A petition does not replace the work of other procedures, for example –

  • matters that have been submitted as part of a formal complaint to the Council;
  • matters determined by another external body, such as insurance claims, legal matters, or where a statutory right of appeal exists, e.g. planning refusal, exclusion of pupils from school, valuation appeals (these are examples and should not be considered an exhaustive list).  In such cases the appropriate procedure must be followed and cannot be considered as a petition;
  • the establishment of community councils -  for information or advice on the application  process for the establishment of community councils, in the first instance, please contact committee support on the contact details below.
  • matters falling within the Community Empowerment (Scotland) Act.

A petitions submission form and guidance to assist with the completion and submission of a petition are available from the publications section on this page.


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