Emergency plans

Fife Council, Police Scotland, Scottish Fire and Rescue Service, Scottish Ambulance Service, NHS Fife, and other `Category One responders' have their own Emergency Resilience team of experts and emergency plans.

They regularly liaise and exercise emergency plans together to ensure that they are best prepared in the event of any major incident in the Fife area.

The council has several emergency plans and procedures.  To read more about each plan select the down arrows below:

Incident Management Plan

The aim of this plan is to provide the framework for an integrated and co-ordinated response by Fife Council services working with the emergency services and other organisations to respond to and recover from any incident in Fife.

The plan is generic and capable of being activated in response to any type of incident. It focuses on the core local authority responsibilities for providing support to the emergency services and to those directly affected by the emergency.

The plan identifies Fife Council’s incident management structure along with the key roles and responsibilities of Council Services and individuals.

Emergency Centre Plan (currently under review awaiting national guidance updates)

This plan sets out the support and arrangements required to establish an emergency centre in response to request by police during an incident.  Types of emergency centre are detailed below:
  • Place of safety
  • Emergency Rest Centre
  • Family and Friends Reception Centre
  • Survivor Reception Centre
  • Humanitarian Assistance Centre

The Council has 34 emergency centres across Fife which have been assessed as suitable premises for emergency centre use.  The type of centre most often required is an Emergency Rest Centre (ERC).  The management and operational arrangements for an ERC are detailed within the Emergency Centre Plan along with the roles and responsibilities of Fife Council staff involved in providing these facilities.

You can read this plan here or access it from the publications section on this page. 

You can also view a map of Fife Council's Emergency Centres here or from the publications section on this page.

COMAH External Emergency Plan

This plan is issued under the authority of the Chief Executive, Fife Council, in association with the Emergency Services to meet Fife Council’s responsibilities to prepare an off-site plan under these regulations.

The COMAH regulations aim to prevent major accidents involving dangerous substances and limit the consequences to people and the environment of any accidents that do occur.  The purpose of this generic External Emerency Plan is to ensure a timely, measured and effective response to a major accident which has the potential to have off-site consequences at any of Fife's upper tier establishments.

The plan is designed to co-ordinate the actions of all organisations involved in a major accident to enable any effect on the public and/or the environment to be minimised. The External Emergency Plan links with individual organisations’ own emergency arrangements and procedures.

You can read this plan here or access it from the publications section on this page.

Major Accident Hazards Pipelines Plan

The Pipeline Safety Regulations (PSR) 1996 requires local authorities to prepare an emergency response plan for each major accident hazard pipeline passing through their area. The aim of the plan is to detail action to minimise the consequences to the health and safety of people or any impact on the environment in the event of a pipeline emergency.

Pipelines in Fife covered by the regulations include feedstock and product lines to/from fixed installations such as the Mossmorran petrochemical plants or the Braefoot Bay Marine Terminal The plan is compatible with contingency plans for major accident hazard sites under the COMAH Regulations 1999.

You can read this plan here or access it from the publications section on this page.

Oil Pollution Contingency Plan

This is a Fife Council plan which outlines the arrangements for dealing with oil pollution incidents which could affect the Fife coastline as well as the lochs, reservoirs and inland waterways of Fife.

The plan sets out flexible arrangements to guide the response of relevant Fife Council services working together with other agencies. Because of the wide range of potential incidents, particularly in considering the level of shipping movements within the Firth of Forth, responders are encouraged to interpret and apply the plan as the prevailing circumstances dictate.

You can read this plan here or access it from the publications section on this page.

Notifiable Animal Diseases Plan

Examples of notifiable animal diseases include avian influenza, foot and mouth and rabies.  There is a legal obligation to notify Animal and Plant Health Agency if a person suspects a disease. 
This plan details Fife Council's role and responsibilities in supporting Scottish Government and the Animal and Plant Health Agency when responding to and recovering from an animal disease outbreak impacting on Fife.  It should be read in conjunction with the Incident Management Plan above.

Pandemic Influenza Plan (currently under review awaiting national guidance updates)

The plan details how the resources of Fife Council will be activated and deployed from the earliest stages of a pandemic outbreak to the long term rehabilitation and recovery of the community.

The plan complements the NHS Fife Pandemic Influenza Plan and details how Fife Council will support the integrated emergency management arrangements to ensure the welfare of the Fife public, particularly young, elderly and vulnerable people.

This is an event specific contingency plan which identifies that the responses required of Fife Council will focus on the continuity of business as normal and in providing support in anticipated areas of additional demand such as community and social care and dealing with excess deaths.

The plan dovetails with Fife Council’s Business Continuity Plans and identifies actions which will require to be taken at each of the World Health Organisation (WHO) recognised phases of a global pandemic influenza outbreak.

You can read this plan here or access it from the publications section on this page.

Fuel Shortage Plan

The plan will detail how the resources of Fife Council will be activated and other specific arrangements which will assist the Council’s in preparing to deal with a potential fuel shortage and how activity will be managed when fuel supplies are disrupted. A copy of this plan can be found under the "Publications" List.



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