How is Fife Council preparing for emergencies?

The Council's role during an emergency or service disruption is to provide support to the emergency services and provide care and welfare to the most vulnerable members of Fife’s communities.  To allow us to do that we must ensure our staff are properly trained and resourced to assist in the overall emergency response, whilst at the same time being able to maintain and deliver our day-to-day services.

An emergency incident can be described as an event or situation that threatens serious damage to human welfare or the environment, or war or terrorism that threatens serious damage to the security of the UK.  In practical terms however, an emergency incident can include severe weather, a fuel crisis, a flu pandemic or a gas leak/explosion.

The Emergency Resilience Team participates in a Fife risk assessment process to identify the key risks which could impact on Fife and its communities.  The risk asessment informs us of the areas we need to plan, train and exercise for in collaboration with our colleagues in emergency response organisations such as Police Scotland, Scottish Fire and Rescue Service, NHS Fife, Scottish Ambulance Service and voluntary organisations.  The Community Risk Register is the result of these risk assessments to identify the likely risks in the area and rate them in terms of their potential impact and likelihood of occurring. These assessments are used to inform the partnership and produce agreed and effective multi-agency plans and procedures.

We also link with community groups such as Community Councils to assist them with the development of Community Emergency Plans for their community area.

Fife Council support, encourage and are actively involved in both ‘Internal’ and ‘Multi-Agency’ training and will work closely with services to arrange appropriate awareness sessions and training for council colleagues who play a role in the response to and recovery from an emergency or service disruption in Fife.

We hope we have provided you with a brief insight into how the Council is preparing for emergencies and disruptions - if you do have any other questions please feel free to contact the team on our details at the foot of this page.



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