What to do in emergencies

  GO IN, STAY IN, TUNE IN advice is recognised and used around the world. It was developed by the independent National Steering Committee on Warning and Informing the Public as being the best general advice to give people caught up in most emergencies.

There is an agreement with radio and TV companies that if there is a major emergency they will interrupt programming to broadcast public safety advice and information about the incident.  Tuning in locally or nationally anywhere in the UK will provide you with the advice you need.

You can watch the 'Go In, Stay In, Tune In'  film by clicking on the play button below (The film will run for approximately 7 minutes):


Here is a link to Scottish Government's 'Ready Scotland' website which provides further useful advice for you, your home and your family and 'what you can do' to prepare yourself in the event of an emergency.

What Fife Council does following an emergency or disruption affecting Fife's communities

Click on the down arrows to reveal further information on Integrated Emergency Management, the Emergency Control Room and Voluntary Aid Organisations:

Integrated Emergency Management

Fife Council participates in integrated emergency management arrangements responding to major emergencies in Fife along with other Category 1 response organisations such as Police Scotland, NHS Fife, the Scottish Ambulance Service and Scottish Fire and Rescue Service.

Existing arrangements are in place to ensure effective co-ordination by Fife Council. Arrangements at operational level are being developed in order to ensure effective liaison/briefing from any incident scene to the council's Emergency Control Room.

Emergency Control Room

The council's Emergency Control Room (ECR) will significantly enhance Fife Council's ability to provide a fully co-ordinated response to emergency situations - whether they are civil emergencies involving a multi-agency response or a serious business continuity disruption.  The ECR, if activated, will occupy Meeting Rm 3, Ground Floor, Fife House and will require an immediate switch around and set-up of this conference-style room. 

A team of corporate Incident Managers has been identified to undertake the role of Incident Manager, representing the Chief Executive, in the co-ordination of the council's response in an emergency.

The ECR has excellent IT provision to facilitate effective across-service communications and also accurate and timeous incident recording in the event of an emergency or business continuity event.  This facility will also be used as the main training venue for incident management providing an excellent environment for staff to familiarise themselves with council emergency response procedures and communications.

Voluntary Aid Organisations

The  Emergency Planning and Business Continuity Team (EP&BC) are in liaison with the local and national voluntary aid organisations to plan and prepare for major incidents. EP&BC meet quarterly with the Voluntary Aid Group (VAO). The purpose of these meetings is to keep the VAO aware of emergency planning developments at local and national levels. 

Key issues can be discussed and the meetings provide a forum for members of the VAO to share their procedures and developments build a better understanding of each other’s roles. Planning for exercises to test emergency plans will also include involvement from the VAO where appropriate.

The following list provides a brief summary about a few of Fife's voluntary organisations and a link to their websites:

Fife Raynet, Fife's Radio Amateurs’ Emergency Network is part of the UK’s national voluntary communications service provided for the community by licensed radio amateurs. They can provide a flexible communications service for major civil emergencies or related exercises and local community events such as Loch Leven half marathon.  They also provide 4x4 transport support in severe weather conditions for example to support Social Work Carers in maintaining vital support to the community. For more information please visit the website at www.fiferaynet.org.uk

Royal Voluntary Service, provide teams of trained volunteers, supported by professional managers, to assist Local Authorities to support the community during times of emergency within designated rest centres. Trained volunteers also assist the emergency services and utility companies with emergency feeding at the scene of major incidents. RVS is a national organisation and can call on volunteers from other areas should this be required.  For further information visit the RVS website at www.royalvoluntaryservice.org.uk

British Red Cross provides care for people in crisis, through their daily services and in times of emergency.  They can provide trained and equipped first aiders along with access to a vast array of equipment from ambulances to blankets, medical equipment to small air shelters.  The British Red Cross is a national organisation that can draw on resources of other areas to bring in further staff and equipment if needed.  The Red Cross can provide practical help and emotional support to those in need, from staffing rest centres to attending road accidents.  For further information regarding the Red Cross visit the website at www.redcross.org.uk

Burntisland First Aid Services is a group of first responders, technicians and trainers who are skilled in first aid and related subjects.  Their fully-equipped ambulance covers events in Fife, the Borders and Argyll bringing first-class treatment facilities to a wide range of events.  They are qualified to deliver oxygen and pain-relieving gas; they can defibrillate a patient whose heart has stopped; and they can ensure that a patient with spinal injuries is managed safely.   Every member is a volunteer.  By carefully positioning volunteers and equipment, they aim to be on the spot within two minutes at 70% of the incidents they attend.  They also teach first aid to members of the public.  For more information please visit the website at www.bfast.org.uk

St Andrew's First Aid is Fife’s largest dedicated First Aid Charity and premier provider of accredited First Aid Training, teaching over 3000 people every year in both businesses and communities.  All volunteers are trained to deal with incidents and injuries ranging from cuts and bruises to heart attacks. Their local companies throughout the region are attending events and working alongside the emergency services ensuring that anyone who needs it gets the appropriate care and attention.

Every member of the association is part of the team and although most members attend duties as uniformed first aiders, there are many more duties that involve working behind the scenes.  Also visiting local schools and organisations, providing talks regarding first aid and healthy lifestyles throughout the region alongside emergency services and other voluntary organisations.  For more information on St Andrew's First Aid visit the website at  www.firstaid.org.uk

The Samaritans’ vision is that fewer people die by suicide. Exploring feelings alleviates distress and helps people reach a better understanding of their situation and the options open to them. We are non judgemental because we want people to be able to talk to us without fear of prejudice or rejection. The Samaritans are available to give emotional support to anyone feeling lonely, depressed or suicidal 24/7. We offer our service by telephone, email, and face to face in Kirkcaldy and Dunfermline branches. It is a safe place to talk and everything is kept confidential and anonymous.  For more information please visit the website at www.samaritans.org

For more information about the items above please call the team on the details at the foot of this page. 



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