Food Hygiene Information System

How do you access information about food premises?

The Food Hygiene Information Scheme (FHIS) allows you to see how well a food business did at their last food hygiene inspection.

The aim of the scheme is to raise food hygiene standards and help consumers make informed choices about where they want to buy food.

There are two ways to find out how a premises was rated:

  • through the Food Standards Scotland website. The website will display the outcome of the latest inspection of the food premises. Click on the Useful Link at the bottom of this page to visit Food Standards Scotland - FHIS.
  • by a certificate displayed by the food business operator. The types of certificates that can be issued are shown below

Rating System

There are four types of certificate that can be issued to a food business operator:

  • Pass with eatsafe award – indicates that the food business has set high standards and gone beyond the basic legal requirements
  • Pass certificate – indicates that the business broadly meets the legal requirements
  • Improvement required – indicates that they have failed to meet the bare minimum legal requirement
  • Awaiting inspection - this will be issued on a temporary basis when a business has not yet been inspected as part of the scheme
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