Estates management

The Estates Team do not deal with Council housing stock which is administered by the Housing Service or with the letting of schools/community centres which is dealt with by Education/Community Services.

The team provides the Council with valuation information and property advice on a wide range of subjects. This includes:

  • Asset Valuations - arrange Asset Valuations for all assets recorded in the Council's Asset Register in accordance with CIPFA and RICS Guidelines
  • Rating Valuations - ensure a correct assessment of all the Council's properties, lodging appeals and applications for "Empty Period Rates Relief"
  • Capital Valuations carry out valuations for a range purposes including acquisitions, disposals, development appraisals etc
  • Acquisitions - purchase property for the Council including the use of Compulsory Purchase Powers where necessary
  • Disposals - sale of Council properties both by negotiation and on the open market, including the appointment of external agents
  • Leases - management of the Council's non-operational property portfolio which is leased out by the Council and management of those properties leased in by the Council for operational purposes
  • Revenue Valuations - carry out valuations for new leases, rent reviews, renewals and surrender of leases etc
  • Wayleaves - negotiate wayleaves etc to outside parties who require to cross or use Council property or land, i.e. Scottish Water, British Telecom etc
  • Amenity Land - negotiate the disposal of small areas of amenity land, garden ground and access rights across Council property and land
  • Property Interests - arrange the sale of property rights, including servitudes and other rights of access and part ownership, e.g. selling a share in loft space
  • Licenses/Concessions - granting licenses/concessions to operate in car parks and public areas, i.e. funfairs
  • General property advice
FifeCouncil ownership enquiries contact:      01592 583154 
Alternatively, you can contact us via

Corporate Asset Management Services
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