Common Good

Not all land in a former burgh owned by modern Councils is Common Good.  Some of it may have been acquired by other councils, like the former county, or district councils.  However, almost all former burghs had a Common Good Fund, which consisted of land, buildings, moveable items like paintings, and cash.

The land and buildings which a burgh owned were made up of three main categories: those acquired under a statute (for example, land bought for council housing); land held on trust where a benefactor had provided for a specific trust to be administered by the fund; and Common Good property.  What property now forms part of the Common Good Fund may sometimes need research, as it may not be obvious from the titles what property was acquired for.

The land and buildings set out in this Register below are the result of considerable research and consultation with the communities involved.  The Council is grateful for all the individuals who took the time to respond to this consultation, and contributed to the overall picture of what is Common Good in their towns.

The Council are always be pleased to hear from anyone who has information on the historical extent of common good property - please use the contact details on this page. 

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